Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Homer Retreat

One of the occupations that keep many Alaskans, especially the seasonally employed, busy during the shorter daylight hours of winter, is projects. Alaskans are project folks and high on the list of projects is building projects: home remodeling, home additions, shop additions, energy improvement projects, studio additions, etc. It seems that most Alaskans, the ones we know anyway, are never done building. And so it went with us this winter, we had to have projects.

As the daylight hours come screaming back, now at 6 minutes a day... an extra 3/4 hour of daylight every week, we are scurrying to finish up this winter's house projects (all inside) so we can start some outside projects. The last thing on our list of house projects is the first thing added to the list last fall, a shower/tub makeover. I had honestly hoped that winter projects would come to an end and leave the this job as the number one job on the list for another year. But we bit the bullet and began the dirty work in earnest this morning. Ugly, dirty, noisy work! Removing tile from the walls and cutting out part of the concrete tub enclosure. As is usually the case, the days and nights of imaging how difficult this job was going to be were more difficult than the job itself. Of course we have only done the demolition, we still have to fix the mess. But it was the demolition that I envisioned being the worse, so maybe the worse is over. I'll report back in a few days when the changes have been made.

Most of our remodeling work is done to keep our house, a summer vacation rental, in great condition with desirable features to compete in the Homer market which is very congested. Here's a few pictures of some of the projects in work and new wall textures, paints, carpets, etc, that are the result of our winter project hours in the http://www.homerretreat.com.

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