Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our daily beach...

Hardly a day goes by that we don't exit whatever we are doing for some leg stretching on the beach. It can be a cold, miserable proposition during the winter months, but this winter has been very mild with little wind, which is always a more noticeable factor on the un-protected beaches. Lately, with a hint of spring in the air, we have seen more wildlife on the beach, mostly birds that winter such as bald eagles, crows and seagulls, but also a few seals and otters. Last week, we encountered a young moose walking out of the water. Don't know where he had been or why he was in the water, but he found us, and everyone else walking by, of interest and started to follow; not usually what happens when you run into a moose. And of course I did not have a camera. I don't often take a camera, because we usually walk the same stretch of beach. Today, I had my camera and there was no wildlife, but I can always find images to capture such as the various textures that the sand and rocks provide, or the light playing off the water. Here's a few of today's images:

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