Monday, March 1, 2010

March, the 1st month of spring or the last month of winter???

The kids both arrived home last Friday, Wes from Colorado and Josea from Fairbanks. And Josea's friend (and ours), Anthony, from Chicken, came with her. They are two of the three owners of Ruby's puppies, so our puppy grandparenting is about to come to an end. It's been a blast taking care of the pups the past 2 weeks. Our last few remodeling jobs have moved to the back burner with the kids arrival. The weather has not been awesome as it was through most of January and February, so we've opted for some indoor time: pool tournaments, lot's of kitchen creations and a few good movies. And lot's of Yukon Quest stories.

So what does March have in store? It's quite an unpredictable month weather wise on the coast, but in the interior, March usually means lot's of sun; the rapid increase in sunlight makes anything that comes tolerable. The last few years, it was the month of our return home to Alaska, which is always a joy. This time last year we were leaving Cottonwood, AZ after visiting our friends the Gundys, on our way up through Monument Valley to Utah's Canyonlands for one last hurrah before heading north to Alaska. A brief slide show of the day trip from Cottonwood to Moab...

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  1. God, that is some of the most beautiful landscape I have seen! I can't pick between the frozen boreal forests of Alaska or the dry deserts of Arizona and the Southwest. Guess someday I will live in both places and see which is my favorite, if I can pick, they are both so beautiful.