Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Officially spring....time for something extrordinary!

What constitutes the beginning of spring? The Vernal equinox on March 20th is the date accepted by most, but in the north country, the rapid returning daylight makes it feel as though spring has jumped ahead of the equinox. And now with daylight savings occurring before the Ides of March , the daylight increases are all that more noticeable. It's hard not to think spring has returned when the sun is still hanging above the western horizon after 8pm. For me, the end of the annual Iditarod means spring has arrived. And Lance Mackey just moved spring ahead by another day with his new record run to Nome with Hans Gatt and Jeff King close behind. Congratulations to a great competitor and welcome spring! Of course we will sill see more snow and wicked cold days before the pussy willow buds give way to actual leaves, but the annual rejuvenation that the returning sun brings to northern people (and most likely animals) makes any weather setbacks tolerable. It means the end of hibernation. Re-vitalization! An annual renewal that never seems "normal". Time for celebration with something extraordinary, like kayaking...in the the snow.....


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  1. So what do men do in the midnight sun while looking for gold? Have i been missing the fun times? LOL Josie made me say it..